This Abandoned Warehouse in Liverpool is Full of Live Jellyfish

By Adam Clark Estes on at

If you find yourself wandering around Liverpool in the middle of the night, you might be surprised to happen upon a warehouse with a glowing blue door. Inside, you'll see countless live jellyfish floating peacefully in the unlikely setting. It's not a hallucination. It's art.

Artist duo Walter Hugo and Zoniel quietly opened the installation a couple of weeks ago in Liverpool's Toxteth district. Although the boarded-up windows make it look like the entire warehouse is filled with jellies, it's actually a giant tank positioned right behind a garage door with windows peering in. But the illusion is complete. It's called "The Physical Possibility of Inspiring Imagination in the Mind of Somebody Living."

This Abandoned Warehouse Is Full of Live Jellyfish

If you can't make it to Liverpool, you can see a livestream of the event at the Gazelli Art House in London until July 27th, and you can purchase digital versions of the art (pretty cheaply) right here. [Gazelli via Colossal]

Images via Gazelli Art House