This Fold-Up, Collapsible Linen Wardrobe is Perfect for Student Digs

By Gerald Lynch on at

Moving out for the first time isn't easy -- you've got year's worth of stuff to condense down into a manageable state and, with both rental and house prices rising all the time, there's no guarantee you'll be settled in the same spot for very long anyway. Storage becomes an issue -- is it worth investing in big furniture if you're only going to have to shift it about a few months later down the line?

Furniture designer Renate Nederpel has come up with this excellent "Pop-Up Linen" wardrobe. Lightweight, it can fold down flat, ready to move with just a few minutes of deconstruction. Using origami-like folds, it's supported by pinewood legs and frame, and is mercifully short on small fastening pieces that would be so easy to lose. It actually looks quite fun to assemble, compared to the nightmare that is the standard vague flat-pack instruction sheet. [Dezeen]