This is Why British Plugs are the Best in the World (Until You Stand on Them)

By Gerald Lynch on at

The humble plug -- it brings power to everything from your kettle to your tablet, but do we really ever give it the praise it deserves? And, more pertinently, shouldn't we be singing from the hiltops how great the British standard plug is, in particular? While it's best to stay, ahem, grounded, sometimes British stuff really is just the best.

YouTuber Tom Scott presents a very convincing argument as to why us Brits enjoy the best plug system in the world. From its many safety failsafes to its easy-to-wire colour coded insides, it pumps our gadgets full of electricity without exposing us to the dangerous currents it handles.

Its one downside? Those three prongs always seem to land facing upwards. And, as all of our bare scarred feet can attest to, we all know how that ends. [YouTube]