This Lady is Eating Dog Food for a Month to Prove We Shouldn't Feed Our Pets Crap

By Gerald Lynch on at

Unless you're Mad Max, roaming the Australian atomic wasteland of the future, it's pretty rank to be chowing down on Pedigree Chum. And we know all that, despite feeding it to our feline and canine buddies -- most pet food brands use the worst meat cuts going, and then there's the "ash content" in cat food, there apparently to prevent urinary infections...and not at all for cheap padding purposes...

Dorothy Hunter, who runs the Paw's Natural Pet Emporium in Richland, Washington, wants to change all that. How? By eating nothing but dog food exclusively for a month.

Speaking to Vice, Hunter points out that she's eating only the "good products" that she stocks in her shop (those that use "grade-A" ingredients) in order to build confidence in the genuine health benefits such foods offer pets. But she still struggles to make "95 per cent tuna pate" look all that appetising. For the record, if you're planning on introducing pet food into your diet -- Scot and Zoe's Dehydrated Chicken is basically gourmet dining for Rex. Check out Hunter's YouTube channel for her ongoing culinary adventures. [YouTube via Vice]

Image Credit: Wikipedia