This Smart Fitness Band Will Electrocute You if You Miss Your Targets

By Gerald Lynch on at

Have you heard of conditioning theory, the idea that we make habits of certain behaviours based upon negative or positive feedback we receive? It was an idea explored by Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov, whose name has been appropriated by the "Pavlok" smartband, which zaps its users with an electric current if they fall behind on fitness targets.

And it's not just about shocking you into action either -- if you configure the device to allow it, consistently missing your goals will also see your bank account charged too, sending cash to an account of your choosing.

While health-tracking goals will likely be the key motivator, an accompanying app can let you set all manner of targets, from work deadlines to having one too many lazy bed lie-ins. An assigned referee, who gets text notifications on your progress, helps the app decide if you're keeping with the challenges set.

But it's not all sadistic -- conditioning requires positive feedback too, so the team behind the Pavlok will be rewarding those who regularly hit their goals with the opportunity to win prizes.

Having amassed £60,000 in crowd funding, the Pavlok is hoped to launch later this year, with a price tag around £145. [T3, TechTimes]