This Video Makes the iPhone 6 Sapphire Display Look Indestructible

By Gerald Lynch on at

About two days after getting hold of my iPhone 5, its screen got scraped by a penny in my pocket. A penny! A round, lightweight penny. I was shocked, and disappointed, that such an expensive, tech-heavy item could be so weedy. Investing $500 million in an Arizona sapphire facility, it appears Apple is taking the durability of its phone displays more seriously now. And, on the back of this video, it looks like money well spent.

We've heard rumours for a long while that the iPhone 6 would feature a sapphire glass / crystal display -- it's a tough material already in use in Apple's Touch ID sensor and camera lens. Its opacity is nearly completely transparent, while it gives Gorilla Glass a run for its money in terms of its durability. Now, YouTube tech video blogger Marques Brownlee claims to have got his hands on a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 sapphire front panel, acquired by trusted leaker Sonny Dickson.

He puts it through a brutal stress test in the clip embedded below, bending it underneath his foot, and stabbing it like a Michael Myers victim with both keys and a seriously nasty-looking knife. While we've only his word to go on in terms of the credibility of the panel's source, if it is the real deal, the iPhone 6 may be able to live in harmony alongside your keys in your jeans pocket. [YouTube]