Tighter Airport Security Could be Here to Stay Warns Clegg

By Gerald Lynch on at

Airport security is tightening up (frustratingly in time for the summer holiday rush), as the UK  government responds to fresh terror network intelligence data.

With US officials pointing to an increased threat from terrorists hailing from Syria and Yemen (said to be developing explosives that can more easily be smuggled onto planes), Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has warned that the more stringent airport security measures could become permanent.

“This is the world we now live in, this will not be the last time there are adjustments made because we are having to constantly evolve our own defences in response to ways that people want to attack us," Clegg told LBC Radio.

“I don’t think we should expect this to be a one off temporary thing we have to make sure the checks are there to meet the nature of the new kind of threats. Whether its forever - I can’t make any predictions forever - but I don’t want people to think this is some sort of blip for a week."

If it's any consolation, both Clegg and the Department for Transport are not expecting the changes to cause significant disruption, with the new layers of security only affecting "some passengers, on some flights," according to Clegg. That'll be racial screening then, no doubt. [Telegraph]

Image Credit: Airport departure and arrival sign at Heathrow from Shutterstock.com