Turns Out We Brits are Being Overcharged for Our Gadgets

By Tom Pritchard on at

This morning we heard from the good people at Which? that our supermarkets are doing their very best to rip us off when we do out weekly shop. Now the consumer watchdog has published results that show us something we've all known for many years: that we are paying far too much for our beautiful tech.

Specifically we're paying more than people in the US. Which? Compared the prices of multiple tech products (excluding all the taxes) and found that we Brits could be paying hundreds of pounds more than our distant Yankee cousins, even with tax taken into account.

A couple of examples mentioned in the report include a Samsung TV that was £402 more expensive in the UK, a 12 month subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud which was £114 more expensive here, and a 13-inch Macbook Pro which was £194 more expensive than if you bought one in America.

UK vs US

All prices are rounded to the nearest £ or $ and the table is based on an exchange rate of £1 = $1.694 on 18th June. Source: Which?

Which? is calling for manufacturers to play fair and at least explain why their products are so expensive in the UK (especially the digital stuff, what's up with that?), and has called the government to raise the threshold on import duty so that we can order things from the US and take advantage of the considerable price difference.

Is anyone the least bit surprised by this news? [Which?]

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