UK Cops Test Live Facial Recognition Tools

By Gary Cutlack on at

Police in Leicester have been trialling the Neo-Face tagging system, living the future-cop dream of having a live camera system beam the faces of people back to head office for a quick comparison with known offenders on the database.

The end result is a system that can ID people standing menacingly outside kebab shops in seconds via images pulled from police body camera or CCTV sources, although there's one rather large drawback -- police rules say the evidence can't be used in court. It's more of an advisory system.

Leicester police ID Manager Andy Ramsay said: "We have over ninety-thousand photos on our system and Neo-Face can compare someone's image against our complete databases in seconds. Besides the speed it's also impressive because it can even find family members related to the person we’re trying to identify." [Leicester Police via TNW]