Unfinished Doctor Who Series 8 Opener Leaks Online

By Gary Cutlack on at

A rough, half-finished, black and white version of the first Peter Capaldi episode of Doctor Who has appeared online, with the antennae of blame pointed at the same BBC Worldwide studio that let the scripts escape.

The episode's clearly not ready for broadcast. It's missing many of the CG effects, the title sequence is from the Matt Smith era, plus there's the visible timecode stamps and small matter of it being in black and white. Still, for fans, it's pretty exciting to see a rough cut escape before it's ready. The episode is up on the torrent sites already, if you, or a child you are responsible for, can't wait until August 23rd to see the finished thing.

Meanwhile, in an intoxicated madman's studio flat:

That's Japanese Doctor Who, a fan creation that imagines how insane it would've been had the Japanese licensed Doctor Who back in the 1980s. [Radio Times via The Verge]