Virgin's EPG Shuffled to Make Room for New Sky Sports Channels

By Gary Cutlack on at

Those new Sky Sports HD channels are now available through Virgin if you're after more action involving men and balls to keep you going through the summer, with Sky Sports 3 HD, Sky Sports 4 HD and Sky Sports F1 HD added to the Sky Sports collection -- and Sky Sports 5 added in for those with premium subs.

The change also means the Virgin EPG has been tweaked slightly to accommodate the new channels, with users now having some new numbers to remember. But at least they're only three digits long. How did we ever cope when we had to remember phone numbers in our heads?

As well as the new channels, Virgin's said it's bringing more "entertainment" channels to its TV Anywhere streaming apps, adding the likes of Sky 1 & 2, Sky Arts 1 and Sky news to its streaming options, plus all Sky channels on Virgin are now compatible with TiVo''s multi-room sharing system. [Virgin]