We Should all be Using Vacant Tram Tracks for Personal Pallet Trains

By Alissa Walker on at

Trams and light rail trains are great for getting around a city and all, but let's face it, they're just sitting there empty a lot of the time, just begging you trip over them. So why not turn that underused resource into a new form of mobility: a DIY pallet-train for one?

This video by Tomas Moravec is from 2008 but the idea is charming and timeless. Moravec took a standard pallet, which happens to fit perfectly across the trolley tracks in Bratislava, Slovakia, and turned it into a personal transportation vehicle that's not unlike the skateboard Marty McFly makes out that kid's soapbox scooter.

The resulting solution is an interesting one: a new way to zip around the city using a combination of existing infrastructure and your own personal horsepower. It reminds me of these artists who built a car to travel on decommissioned railways. Of course cities would have to figure out some kind of system to prevent collisions with the actual trains but that doesn't seem too complicated, does it? [Digg]