Weaponised Insects Could Terrorise the UK in 2045 Says the MoD

By Gerald Lynch on at

Survivalists are going to have a field day with this. A Ministry of Defence thinktank has put together a study called "Global Strategic Trends -- Out to 2045" looking at the future of warfare and the changing nature of terrorism and digital security threats. And it makes for grim reading.

It's a pretty hefty report, detailing a whole load of scaremongering threats and problems that the UK needs to brace itself for. The worst (or best, depending on your perspective) are as follows:

  • Environmental warfare will have advanced to a point where weaponised insects can be deployed, carrying diseases to wipe out humans and plant life alike.
  • DNA sequencing will have become so affordable that individual targets could be attacked using weapons specific to weaknesses in their DNA.
  • Long-range lasers capable of emitting electromagnetic charges or atomic radiation will be in regular use.
  • Terrorist and criminal gangs will increasingly use cheap drones and satellite technology.
  • Large multinational companies will have security forces comparable to national defences.
  • Robots will steal all of our jobs (but will also do most of the dying for us during wartimes).
  • Cryptocurrencies will make tracking terrorist funds incredibly difficult.
  • Climate change will increasingly cause health and infrastructure problems.
  • The population will rise from 7.2 billion today to 10.4 billion, with more than a quarter of the world's population suffering water shortages.

Rear Admiral John Kingwell, director of the MoD's Concepts and Doctrine Centre, and lead on the study, was keen to stress that the report was not intended to predict the future, but to detail plausible outcomes of existing trends. But just a handful of these threats becoming a reality would be enough to make you sweat. It may well be time to splurge those savings on that underground bunker you've been eyeing up. [Gov.uk]