What Does Lorde Think of the Oculus Rift?

By Kotaku UK on at

Lorde, of worldwide music fame, surely has thoughts on a lot of things. Maybe everything. But today, we at this website care only about what she thinks of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

This interview she did over the weekend with the Guardian contains said thoughts, which are markedly different from ours. Kirk, for example, "had a hell of a lot of fun messing around with it". I think "the rollercoaster demo makes me a little bit sick".

But Lorde? Having messed around with a demo that gave her "the sensation of being in a room watching a musician sitting in a studio", she said "It's like being in someone's filth, but on a pure level it's nice. Kind of like communism."

Messrs Zuckerburg and Lucky, if you ever need a box quote for the Rift's commercial launch, you are all set.

Lorde: 'The critics I care about are people the same age as me'[The Guardian]

UPDATE: Seems this demo actually took place last month. Now this is a more common train of thought:


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