What's the One Dead Website You Wish You Could Revive?

By Robert Sorokanich on at

Benj Edwards at The Atlantic just published this beautifully-written piece about a man's quest to rebuild Prodigy, the ancient web service unplugged in 1999. As the internet has grown and changed, no doubt you've lost a favourite site or two. Pretend you've got a genie and all your other wishes have been granted. Which website do you revive?

If you're over, say, 25 years old, you've probably got a whole list of long-dead (or just really heavily neglected) websites that you'd love to see working again. Maybe it's your old Geocities page, the one with the dancing baby GIF and a list of your best friends' initials from the eighth-grade lunch table. Maybe it's a dead forum where you wrote a really well-thought-out takedown of someone's political ranting that totally should've gotten more attention.

Maybe it's the free webhosting site where, in the summer of 2003, you posted a bunch of fun photos from a road trip you took with your friends, the first time anybody's parents would let them hop in a line of cars with a bunch of other unsupervised teenagers and patch out for the water park. Maybe you're feeling nostalgic, because it's summertime and that smell in the air always takes you back. Maybe there's a dull, aching yearning somewhere that makes you want to get one more glimpse at mix CDs long tossed in a landfill; first cars long ago wrecked, sold, or crushed; friends that have since left us.

That's mine. What's yours?