Which TV Shows Deserve a Virtual Reality Makeover?

By Gerald Lynch on at

The virtual reality revival so far has centered around the potential for devices such as the Oculus Rift and Sony's Project Morpheus to deliver compelling gaming experiences. But what about film and TV?

No, I'm not going on about The Lawnmower Man -- what about TV shows with a degree of interactivity, programmes that offer an opportunity to actually step inside the worlds that have only ever existed through the window of our TVs?

Broadcaster Sky certainly seems interested. After investing $350,000 in Californian VR start-up Jaunt last year, it's announced it's more than doubling that sum, handing over a further $400,000 to the company. Jaunt specialises in creating 360-degree video and audio -- worlds where the viewer is allowed a degree of participation, but not necessarily with the scope for exploration that gaming offers. While Sky claims the investment merely provides it with "additional insight into developments within the field" rather than having concrete production plans around Juant's wares, it's clear that Sky is hedging its bets on what could be the next big thing in entertainment.

So, if TV and movies really are set to go down the VR route, which would be best suited for the format? Could you stomach standing within an undead throng in The Walking Dead? Would you pick up useful cooking tips by being able to peek over Nigella's shoulder? Or do you fancy propping up the bar at The Queen Vic when Phil Mitchell kicks off in Eastenders? [Digital TV Europe via TechRadar]