Would You, Could You, Eat Cheesy Beans on Toast Flavour Crisps?

By Gary Cutlack on at

The preliminary stages of the Walkers "Do us a flavour" new type of crisp social media stunt are in, with six potential new flavours up for the vote.

Hot dog with tomato sauce, suggested by Sarah Morgan, has to be in with a chance, and you'd be mad to bet against precocious teen potato conjurer Jed Poole's concept of a sizzling steak fajita option, as the promise of a combination of both meat and spice is always hard to resist when formulating the day's sandwich/potato choice under the pressure cooker atmosphere of the convenience food aisle.

The possible new flavours even include a nod to the tedious middle-class foodie market, with a "pulled pork" in a barbecue sauce option on the list, so some people can add eating a particular type of crisp to the list of things they eat that they believe to be better than what everyone else is having.

Given that if you eat enough of them all crisps eventually taste like chicken flavour (and if they don't you need to eat more of them and in a shorter space of time you bloody amateur), is there any point? Or are you more of a Monster Munch or Mini Cheddars person anyway? [The Drum]