You Can Now Sign Up for a Project Ara Test Kit

By Gerald Lynch on at

Google's transforming, part-snapping, modular, DIY Project Ara phones are almost ready for wider testing, with the search giant now letting people sign up to get their mitts on an early developer kit for the devices.

The kit includes a test board for experimentation with, allowing developers to test their own add-on modules. Developers looking to get to work with the devices have until July 18th to fill out an application form to get on the waiting list.

However, this won't be a fast-track way for casual enthusiasts to test Project Ara before their mates. Google will be cherry-picking exactly who gets sent an Ara dev kit, based on a developer's status, and the strength of the module concept designs that make up part of the application process. Still, though the wait for non-developers will stretch a bit longer, at least Project Ara -- an idea that once seemed unlikely to leave the concept stage -- now looks as though it will result in actual consumer-facing products eventually. [Project Ara]