Your Entire Family Can Waste Away the Summer on This Mega Hammock

By Andrew Liszewski on at

There'll never be another fight over who gets to lay in the hammock with this monstrosity strung up in your backyard. The Mega Hammock requires you to find at least four nearby trees (or cranes) for hanging, but when it's up it looks like it can easily support a group of at least ten loungers—plus a toddler or two.

This isn't one of your lazy swinging hammocks, though. The Mega Hammock's mammoth dimensions make it almost look like a fallen sail from a pirate ship, and were it to find itself vertically oriented against the wind, it could probably do some serious damage to whatever it was attached to.

But since the hammocks are each hand made by an FAA-certified parachute rigger, you can probably trust that they're engineered to handle more stress and strain than you can ever throw at them. That's also why they're £225 a pop, but with the entire family on board, you'll probably be happy you didn't cheap out and just duct tape a bunch of regular-sized hammocks together. [Etsy via The Green Head]

Your Entire Family Can Waste Away the Summer On This Mega Hammock