£10.99 Sky Sports Week Pass Added to NOW TV

By Gerald Lynch on at

Sky Sports on demand sounded like a great idea when Sky's NOW TV service launched -- access to all those Premiership football games without a monthly satellite subscription fee to pay. Except, a Sky Sports Day Pass on NOW TV ended up costing £9.99. £9.99 for 24 hours access. Ouch. Today Sky has announced that it's shaking up the pricing of Sky Sports on NOW TV, offering a far more reasonable week-long pass for £10.99.

It's also dropping the Day Pass price down to just £6.99 -- which, considering most people will just be looking to catch a single game in a week, may still prove the most popular option. It's worth mentioning that both the revised Day Pass price and new Week Pass price are listed as "for a limited time only", so don't be too surprised if Sky raises the prices once more once the mid-season crunch time kicks in.

Sky's been working hard over the past few weeks getting its digital services up to scratch in time for this year's Premier League football season's kick-off, revising all of its mobile apps, adding on demand features for every single Premiership team to its Sky box catch-up services and adding the new Sky Sports 5 channel too. [NOW TV]