£10,000 Worth of Gold Bars are Waiting to Be Dug Up from a Kent Beach in the Name of Art

By Gerald Lynch on at

Got a bucket and spade handy? If you are anywhere near Outer Harbour beach in Folkestone, Kent this afternoon your trip to the seaside could prove very lucrative indeed.

German artist Michael Sailstorfer claims to have buried 30 gold bars at a secret point among the dunes, worth £10,000. As the tide goes out at around 4pm today, Sailstorfer has hinted that the treasure's location will become accessible and, with classic "finders keepers" playground rules, the first person to dig it up will get to keep the haul.

"It is a participatory artwork. It is about people coming to the beach and digging and possibly finding hidden treasure," said Curator Lewis Biggs of the Situations-commissioned piece.

"Some people will get lucky, some people will not get lucky – and that’s life. I think we might well have a lot of people."

A lot of people? I'd be mobilising the Folkestone riot police, if such a division exists.

Image Credit: Old classic wood and iron treasure chest from Shutterstock