A Beautifully Convincing Reason to Use a Pencil Again

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Remember back in primary school when you were finally able to upgrade from a pencil to a pen? No longer being able to easily fix your mistakes was a rite of passage towards adulthood, and there was no looking back. At least until today, because this lovely chunky mechanical pencil from Wöther might actually have you downgrading from your pen.

Available in cherry, maple, or plum finishes, the wood for these pens actually comes from the Black Forest in Germany, and over time the natural wear and oils from your hands will give each one a unique patina. At $40 (£24) they aren't obscenely expensive either, which is a nice change of pace for a writing instrument that could easily be sold for considerably more. [Ode To Things via BLTD]

A Beautifully Convincing Reason To Use a Pencil Again