A Nottingham Man Has Been Arrested on Suspicion of Running a Proxy Server

By Tom Pritchard on at

The law might have decided that average-Joes like you and me can't be punished for being caught repeatedly downloading copyrighted material, but they can still go after people who provide access to it. Case in point: a Nottingham man arrested on suspicion of running the proxy server Immunicity, which lets people get around the blocks put in place by ISPs.

City of London Police has released a statement about the arrest, claiming the Police Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) found evidence of a proxy server that allowed access to 36 blocked websites that provided access to illegal or infringing content. The unnamed 20-year-old man has since been questioned and released on bail.

TorrentFreak weighed in on the arrest, calling it "concerning" because they claim Immunicity was designed to let users anonymise their web activity in a similar way to services like TOR, it doesn't host or link to any illegal content.

It's a tricky situation, if TorrentFreak's claims are accurate then whoever runs Immunicity can't be blamed for the people who exploit the service to access illegal content. Then again setting up with the intention of people bypassing ISP blocks is against the law, if that can be proved. [City of London Police via TechRadar]