A Simple Accessory Turns a Vacuum Cleaner Into an Extra Set of Hands

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Even if you're working with a team of carpenters, Festool's new CT Wings accessory seems like it could be the next must-have tool for every workshop or jobsite. It's designed to attach to the end of the hose on one of Festool's shop vacuums and then securely suction itself to a wall so that it can be used as a support or a temporary way to hold something in place.

A Simple Accessory Turns Your Shopvac Into an Extra Set of Hands

The tool's fanning design lets the user adjust the stacked fins to hold materials of different thicknesses, and while its weight limits haven't been revealed just yet, it will probably be able to handle most construction tasks with ease — short of holding up an entire wall until it's secured.

Pricing is still to be determined for the CT Wings release in Europe next month but it's expected to be around £30, which is far cheaper than having another skilled carpenter waste their time and talents while simply holding something up for you. [Festool via Core77]