Algorithms Could Decide Whether or Not You Get Hired for a Job in the Future

By Gerald Lynch on at

Could the days of the job interview be coming to an end? City AMĀ has taken a fascinating look today at how algorithms are increasingly being used by big businesses to match job hunters with roles.

According to the University of Minnesota, human recruiters are worse at matching people's skill sets to roles in 25 per cent of cases, compared to "simple equations" that recruitment software solutions offer. It seems that flesh-and-blood recruiters are more easily swayed by a candidate's charm, allowing emotional biases to negatively influence a hiring decision. In other words, the cold hard number crunching of an algorithm won't have a care for your "bubbly" personality. City AM found that recruitment tools are increasingly mining data from sources like LinkedIn in an impersonal manner, while even an applicant's web browser choice (!) could be an indicator towards how committed they will be to a role.

Ultimately, the University of Minnesota report at the heart of the piece concedes that human decision making will have the last say in hiring for some time to come. But you may need to bat your eyelashes at a few bots to make your way to the top of a candidate shortlist in the future. [City AM]

Image Credit: Two androids shaking hands from Shutterstock