Amazon's New Mobile Card Reader Brutally Undercuts Square and PayPal

By Pranav Dixit on at

Over in the States, Amazon just announced its own credit card reader and app combination called Amazon Local Register, which will enable anyone from a mum organising a car-boot sale to mobile food-vendors to use a smartphone or a tablet to instantly accept credit card payments.

The device only costs $10 (around £6), the app is free and the service brutally undercuts other similar services like Square and PayPal, by offering a flat charge of 1.75 per cent per payment until the beginning on 2016, which is a full per cent lower than the 2.75 and 2.7 per cent that Square and PayPal charge respectively. On January 2, the fee jumps to 2.5 per cent for users — still cheaper than the competition.

The Amazon Local Register isn't being rolled out in the the UK at the current time, but if it were to, is it a service that you could see yourself using, as either payee or payer? [Engadget]