An Airbag Belt Could Help Protect the Elderly's Hips From Nasty Falls

By Andrew Liszewski on at

It doesn't matter how much milk you drink, at a certain age your bones start to lose their strength, eventually putting you at risk for broken limbs and even worse: a broken hip that hinders your mobility. So similar to the airbags in your car, this safety belt instantly inflates when it detects the wearer is falling, cushioning areas like the hip bone to help prevent injury.

An Airbag Belt Could Help Protect Seniors' Hips From Nasty Falls

The belt is being developed by Pennsylvania-based ActiveProtective and can be worn on the outside of clothing without feeling too bulky. It's probably akin to wearing a hip pack, but thanks to motion sensors and a compact container of compressed air, the belt can inflate and protect the bones around the hip before the wearer hits the ground.

At the moment a prototype version of the belt is being tested, while the company works towards perfecting and minimizing the design. Because if it ends up being too bulky or unsightly, old people won't be willing to wear it and then it provides no protection at all. [ActiveProtective via Medgadget]