Apple Will Now Repair iPhone 5S Screens In-Store While You Wait

By Gerald Lynch on at

Until Apple gets around to putting in those "indestructible" sapphire displays in its phones, the fear of a shattered screen will weigh heavily on the minds of butter-fingered iPhone owners. Today, that fear has been alleviated slightly, with UK and European Apple stores announcing that they will be fixing cracked iPhone 5S screens in-store, while you wait.

The cost of the repair will be dependent on just how badly damaged your display is, but it should fall somewhere between £100 and £120. If the damage extends beyond the display and requires off-site repairs however, expect that cost to rise.

Still, if you're looking to flog last year's model in preparation for the launch of the iPhone 6, and your screen is looking a little worse for wear, a quick repair like this may leave you eventually with a few extra quid in your pocket. [9to5Mac, TechRadar, Apfelpage]