ARM-Based Macs by 2016 Could Lead to Birth of iOS / OS X Lovechild

By Gerald Lynch on at

Former Apple exec Jean-Louis Gassée has once again sparked the ARM-in-Apple-Mac computers debate, suggesting the processors could replace Intel's chips in Apple's machines by 2016.

It's long been suggested that Apple could be considering leaving Intel's internals behind -- not least of all because they're an expensive component for Apple to budget for. But Gassée also notes that ARM chips would allow Apple a greater degree of control over production, which would honour Apple's late Supreme Leader Steve Jobs' desire to "own 'all layers of the [production] stack'".

"Lower cost, better power dissipation, natural integration with the rest of the machine," are all benefits that Gassée sees for Apple in using ARM chips. Noting that a desktop class A10 processor would facilitate the jump from x86 architecture within two years, it could accelerate the equally-oft-rumoured Apple move that the company could eventually merge iOS and OS X, with the company's mobile line already ARM-based. [Cult of Mac, Monday Note]