BAE Imagines Aeroplanes With Skin That May Therefore Require Aeroplane Moisturiser

By Gary Cutlack on at

BAE's had another mad brainstorming session in order to pull in a few hits on the internet, this time coming up with the concept of a "smart skin" for aeroplanes to help them "feel" their surroundings and detect damage.

Engineers from BAE's Advanced Technology Centre are testing the idea of embedding "tens of thousands of micro-sensors" into an aeroplane skin that, once applied, could give a pilot more accurate data on things like wind speed, temperature and any physical strain being placed on the plane.

The sensors are so small they could potentially be sprayed on like paint, allowing the easy retrofitting of older planes. Once on, they would run themselves via their own power sources and relay data back to flight computers "in much the same way that human skin sends signals to the brain," according to BAE.

Obviously aeroplane skin is millions of years away from being a real thing or actually getting made and put to use, so don't go expecting to see Easyjet flight EZY1973 to Paphos developing a worrying case of acne over the Alps for a while.