BitTorrent Downloads Hit iPhone and iPad Thanks to Blue Downloader App

By Gerald Lynch on at

Apple's not a fan of BitTorrent clients -- or at least not a fan of the copyright infringing downloads they facilitate. As such, every attempt to get a torrent-handling app onto the App Store has either been swiftly pulled or blocked outright. But a new BitTorrent client seems to have found a way under Apple's radar.

The Blue Downloader, a fully-functioning BitTorrent client, is currently sitting approved by Apple on the App Store. It doesn't say anywhere in its App Store listing that it handles torrents, but it does. It seems to have initially got around Apple's ban by only making the application work with legal torrent sites, such as, Linuxtracker and Bitlove  rather than notorious sites like The Pirate Bay. But, with the application approved, developer Harrison Tyler has now opened up a Google Search option inside the app, effectively opening up the app to the entire web's worth of torrents -- legal or otherwise. Tyler says he's done this as torrent services have an unfairly bad rep, seeing as there are benefits to transferring legal files using BitTorrent, rather than purely for piracy.

Of course, once the loophole is spotted by Apple's teams, it's likely that this app too will be pulled from the store. So, if it's of interest, grab it now while you still can. It's priced at £1.99. [TorrentFreak]