Brace Yourselves: The Moto 360 May End Up Being Made of Plastic

By Gerald Lynch on at

The first wave of Android Wear wristwatches has been rather impressive, but lets be honest: we've all been waiting on the Moto 360 to launch. With its round face and premium metal build, it looks set to be the first device to offer the functionality of a smartwatch without sacrificing stylish looks along the way.

Except, that may no longer be the case. Sources speaking to Chinese site techweb claim that Motorola is now instead looking at using plastics instead of metals in the strap and frame of its smartwatch. And while it will still support wireless charging, that feature has necessitated that the time piece now measures a chunkier 13.5mm thick.

Such a big back-track would see Motorola face a hell of a lot of criticism, so it's worth taking this with a pinch of salt. But with the first set of Android Wear devices hardly flying off the shelves, perhaps Motorola is uncertain about investing in premium materials. What's more likely, if you ask me, is that Motorola is considering a cheaper alternative to go alongside the metal smartwatch, giving customers the same round-faced smartwatch experience, but at two price points to match differing budgets. [TechWeb via G for Games]