Brain Expert Says Heading Footballs is "Not Safe" for Children

By Gary Cutlack on at

The next looming childhood health and safety issue may be football related, after a brain specialist suggested that the brains of footballing children could potentially be damaged by heading balls.

Neuroscience expert Dr Michael Grey told Sky News: "In my opinion, and I think I can say in the opinion of many of the colleagues with whom I work, it's probably not safe for children to be heading the ball."

His reasoning is that youthful neck muscles aren't tough enough to handle the blows, plus the brain's still developing and there's no telling what damage enforced school-ground knocks may cause. There's also no firm evidence to support the doctor's suggestions, though, so no need to insist your child sits out PE or wears a helmet 24 hours a day just yet. [Sky via Independent]

Image credit: Football from Shutterstock