Could Non-Retina MacBook Pro Laptops be Spared the Axe with a Slim-Line Makeover?

By Gerald Lynch on at

The standard MacBook Pro line-up sits in a precarious place in Apple's new world of Retina display machines. Chunkier than the Air and with a less eye-catching screen than the Retina Pros, it seems set to be shuffled out the Infinite Loop door with a little polka dot knapsack slung over its shoulder before long. However, supply chain rumours offer it a reprieve -- DigiTimes is suggesting the range may be being put on a diet, slimming down for a new design.

Small amounts of components to fulfill this new-look machine have already begun being produced according to the report, which could be with us before the end of the year (though next Spring would be more likely).

If you look at Apple's existing laptop line-up, the non-Retina MacBook Pro is starting to look like a bit of a heffer. It's 24mm thick on the 13-inch model, while the Retina machines are 18mm as standard. At its thinnest point, the MacBook Air is just 3mm, and only 17mm at its thickest.

DigiTimes hasn't got the best track record when it comes to rumours, though their supply chain sources do usually offer reasonable ball-park approximations on what's to come. At this stage, I'd still say it's more likely that Apple will phase out the non-Retina MacBook Pro line altogether though, rather than slimming down the current lower-resolution laptops. Previous rumours have pointed towards Apple working on a Retina-equipped laptop with a MacBook Air form-factor. [DigiTimes]