Cycada is a Handy Piece of Software That Runs iOS Apps on Android

By Tom Pritchard on at

Despite coming a long way in the past few years, there are still a number of brilliant apps being released that are either exclusive to iOS, or take months to be ported onto Android. That's probably why a team of engineers at Columbia University have gone and developed Cycada, software that allows Android devices to natively run iOS apps without the need for pesky emulators.

It works by using a method known as compile-time code adaptation, which allowed the engineers to build code meant for another operating system within Android's base software (a version of Linux) without having to modify it. Then, rather than reimplementing the iOS application interface, the apps utilise something called diplomatic functions, which allows them to replace iOS system functions and call upon the equivalent systems within Android.

Sadly the software isn't publicly available, meaning those of you with Android devices who really want to use Apple Maps will have to fork out the money for an iPhone, or stick with Google for the time being. [Columbia University via Slashgear]