Dyson Teases Low-Rise, Camera-Enabled Project N223

By Gary Cutlack on at

Dyson's engineers are working on a new thing, and judging by the clues given out in its teaser video it may be planning to slowly trundle into Roomba's automated vacuuming world.

It's small, has cameras, and there are a few snippets showing software that look like it's detecting its surroundings, which screams automated-cleaner-for-the-super-rich to us. Here's the advert/teaser thing:

Perhaps it could also be waterproof to suck up urine from pub floors? That could pull in the big bucks from the pub chains. The end of the clip says we should expect more, perhaps including some facts, on September 4th. Oh, and if you zoom right in on that whiteboard in the clip (screengrabbed below) there's an ominous mention of a "risk of decapitation... [YouTube via Cnet]