EU Plans to Ban High-Power Hairdryers, Quiffs be Damned

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's already doomed many a vacuum cleaner with its energy efficiency clampdown, and now the European Union is taking a look at smaller appliances too. Gadgets such as hairdryers, kettles and even power-hungry smartphones could be banned if new legislation is passed next year.

The EU hopes to meet new energy efficiency goals by putting a cap on the power drawer of certain appliances. Hairdryers, which vary from 900 watts to 2,300 watts for professional kit, are most likely to be affected, with new models potentially being required to cut their power draw by as much as 30 per cent. Home cinema amplifiers and projectors, though larger, are also highlighted for what the EU considers is excessive power consumption.

While mandatory energy efficiency ratings make some sense for the AV gear, I'm not so convinced that low-powered vacuum cleaners and hairdryers will be very beneficial to climate change in the long run. If your vacuum cleaner is less powerful, it'll be less able to pick up dust and dirt. Likewise, a weaker hairdryer won't dry hair as effectively. We'll just end up using these appliances longer than we normally would, which would likely lead to similar power consumption overall. [Telegraph]

Image Credit: Rookiemag