Facebook Goes Down, Idiots Naturally Call the Police

By Tom Pritchard on at

What do you do if Facebook suddenly stops working? Go outside? Talk to people in person? Or call the police? Laugh as much as you want, but some people in America felt it was such a serious issue that they phoned 911 to report the problem.

This sounds like its something that would be featured in The Onion or on April Fools Day, but it genuinely happened. So much so that Sergeant Brink of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department took to Twitter to tell people that Facebook being down is not a police problem. Seriously, people were actually calling in.

What did they expect to happen? A group of LA police officers jumping into their cars and speeding off to Facebook HQ to demand it be turned back on? I know some people spend far too much time on the wretched website, bit this is taking this to an extreme. It's about time that certain people in the world realised that life does not revolve around Facebook, because we all know it actually revolves around Gizmodo [@LASDBrink via CNET]