Football Manager Database Will Now Power Real Footie Scouts' Player Hunts

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's "ruined lives" and has been the serious subject of discussion among addiction experts, but Football Manager's appeal never waivers. With the 2015 edition of the game on the way, it's just been announced that the extensive Football Manager player database is to be used by real world scouts to hunt down the hottest new talent.

Everton FC has been publicly using the database as part of its scouting process for years, and was met with some ridicule when it first revealed its scouts used the game as a professional tool back in 2008. But with stats specialists Prozone now adding developers Sports Interactive's 80,000 player roster to its own Recruiter platform, practically every football scout worth their paycheck will be tapping into the game's databank -- whether they realise it or not. [The Mirror via Engadget]