Google's Pulled a 'Bomb Gaza' Game From the Play Store

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Google has pulled a mobile game from the Play Store which allowed users to simulate Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip — inviting them to "drop bombs and avoid killing civilians" — after (understandable) public backlash.

Called Bomb Gaza, the game was developed by by PlayFTW and somehow is still available as an app on Facebook. The game lets you drop bombs from a fighter jet, all the while dodging missiles from Hamas fighters below, reports Reuters. Topical? Yes. Awful taste? Certainly.

During its brief life (it arrived online on July 29th) it was downloaded 1,000 times, but it managed to draw comments like "You disgust me" and "Please take this off the Play store" while it existed. Google Play's policies state that the store prohibits content that amounts to hate speech, bullying and violence. [Reuters]