Google's "Workshop" to Pimp Nexus 5 Cases

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google may be planning to substantially jazz up the Nexus-buying experience, with part of its Google Play hardware shop about to offer a mass of case customisation options in an area known as the Workshop.

The service, somehow captured in a near-live state by Android Police, lets users design custom cases for the Nexus 5 based on a location theme, or upload their own images. The results aren't quite as comprehensive as the amazingly level of customisation offered by the Moto Maker tool for the Moto X, but do at least let users completely skin the back of a case with a photo of their own choosing.

Plus there's also an accompanying automated system to create live wallpapers, the animated Home screen background system that appeared to have been long since abandoned. Far from being dropped, it seems like the Nexus line's about to be massively reinvigorated. [Android Police]