If Only This Laser-Beamed, Tron-Inspired Dart Board Were Real

By Gerald Lynch on at

If Daft Punk designed a dart board, it'd probably look like the Extreme Laser Dart Board by Seonghyun Kim and Yunjo Yu. You can stuff your retro arcade machines -- in the world of Tron, this would be the only game a pixel-powered Jeff Bridges would be playing.

Just a concept design for the time being (so don't go asking Santa for one of these for Christmas), the dart board would be created by firing lasers and lights from the sides of an adhesive disc, which could be placed onto any flat surface. Unlike a regular cork dart board which would require dangerously-pointy darts to play with, the neon-kit presented here would have darts with Sugru-like sticky ends that would grip a surface on impact.

While you've more chance of seeing Phil "The Power" Taylor on a Lightcycle than this hitting shops anytime soon, it's a neat, safety-conscious vision of what could be fuelling the boozy pub fights of the future. [Yanko Design]