iPad Air 2 May be Going Gold

By Gerald Lynch on at

Like your gadgets in a golden shade, without having to fork out for ostentatious gold plating? It seems that Apple has read your mind: allegedly joining the gold iPhone 5S this year is a golden iPad Air 2.

The iPad Air 2 gold case images come from Taiwan-based accessory maker Yi Lin Enterprises, posted to Weibo. As well as the new shade for the chassis, there are a handful of more subtle changes to the design. The speaker holes are marginally bigger than on the existing iPad Air, while the microphone port has been shifted to the back of the case too, next to the rear camera spot.

Expected to touch down before the year is out, the iPad Air 2 is also likely to be the first time that Apple introduces its Touch ID fingerprint-scanning home button to its tablet line. The iPad Air 2 is also thought to be thinner than its 7.5mm predecessor thanks to a front panel that makes use of an integrated display. [MacRumors, Mac Otakara]