ISIS Militants Use the Same Drones as Ordinary Folks

By Jamie Condliffe on at

What kind of drones do ISIS militants use? Nothing fancy actually: in fact, they use an off-the-shelf consumer drone like a DJI Phantom, which costs as low as £300.

A video posted to YouTube (now removed because it included graphic scenes) showed ISIS militants using a a DJI Phantom FC40 to capture video. The footage, a still from which is shown above, included shots of a Syrian airfield. It looks like the consumer drone was flying pretty high.

That same airfield was later hit by suicide bombers, though it's unclear if the footage shown in the video made that possible. Regardless, it's an unnerving reminder that the group is high-tech, violent, and prepared to use any tool it can lay its hands on. [Vocativ via Business Insider via Engadget]