It's a Shame This 8K iPhone 6 is all Just Part of a Prank

By Tom Pritchard on at

What would you say to an iPhone with a 26-core processor, 8K resolution, an eight day battery life, and 3D screen? Well if those specs came at a reasonable price it'd be enough to make me consider getting my hands on one, and I have little love for the iPhone.

Sadly, just like the Casio iWatch, this is all just a prank to see how many gullible people are willing to look past obvious flaws just because there's an Apple logo involved. What's the phone they're using? It's a cheap iPhone 6 clone running on Android with a custom iOS skin.

As you can imagine there were an awful lot of people who were amazed to get their hands on what they thought was Apple's latest device. Either they didn't notice how bad the phone actually was, or they just didn't care.

Unfortunately we don't get to see anybody who managed to figure out the phone is a fake because they've been edited out. Presumably it's not that funny when people wise up to a prank. [YouTube via CNET]