Jingles are Archaic, the Modern Ice-Cream Van Can be Tracked on Your Phone

By Tom Pritchard on at

The days of constantly being disturbed by ice-cream van jingles could be coming to an end, thanks to a fleet of vans in Surrey that have been given a 21st Century upgrade. Now instead of driving people ballistic with Greensleeves or that song from The Wizard of Oz, you can track the movements of the vans with a mobile app.

It's all been organised by O2 who are providing ice-cream van company Tony Fresko with the new technology for a month to "demonstrate the tangible benefits that technology can offer to companies, no matter the size".

The free app, is currently only available on Android, allows people to track the fleet of vans in real time, as well as letting them view the drivers pre-planned route, so they know exactly when to run outside and grab a 99 cone. [The Telegraph]

Featured image: Mikael Buck / O2 / Hope & Glory via The Telegraph