John McAfee Launches a Website for People to Moan On

By Gerald Lynch on at

Ah, John McAfee. The one-time king of the McAfee anti-virus empire, he's better known these days for evading the authorities in a bizarre murder case, enjoying the smells of bath salts a little too much and for making truly weird YouTube videos, like this one.

He's now used the Def Con hacker conference to launch his latest venture, The Brown List, a website that can be used to file complaints and generally rant online. I'm guessing was taken. And also that McAfee has failed to realise that the internet in general is basically one giant steam-venting destination.

Still, McAfee has a lot of faith in The Brown List, which he believes will let people "tap into anger in a positive way". Once users get their annoyances off their chests, other users can then submit potential solutions to the problems, with site members then voting on the best course of action. At least one anonymous investor shares his enthusiasm too, with McAfee having raised £270,000 for the project. [The Inquirer]