Julian Assange Will Leave Ecuadorian Embassy Bedsit... "Soon"

By Gary Cutlack on at

Julian Assange has confirmed that he's preparing to leave the safe confines of theĀ Ecuadorian embassy and potentially hand himself over to the police, taking down his Joy Division posters and ending his period of isolation today some time soon.

Assange is expected to make a statement this morning, and, according to the Guardian, a group of journalists are gathered inside the embassy to hear what he has to say today. The rumour that he's moving out of the small part of Ecuador that legally exists in London has been denied by a Wikileaks spokesperson, however, so it could be anything from a new leak to the announcement of a six-figure deal to be the new face of Just For Men. [Standard]

In a Q&A session at the end of his address, the newly bearded Assange said "I am leaving the embassy soon" -- although he said it might not be for reasons we'd expect. Perhaps those rumours of his ill-health may be true?