July's Essential Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

By Tom Pritchard on at

July is over already, scary how fast time moves isn't it? Memorable moments of the past month have included news that Bose is suing Beats for patent infringement (sigh), Russia lost and regained control of a satellite of horny space geckos, a controversial surveillance law was rushed through parliament, and we had further clarification that we are being ripped off by the tech companies. But through the sad and the weird, we also saw some brilliant app releases.

iOS Apps:

Wiper Messenger: Private communication is all the rage, but can you delete logs from the other person's device? With Wiper, that's more than possible. With free worldwide texting and calls, it's one of the more private ways to communicate with people across the world for zero cost. [Free]

Nando's: Ah Nando's and their chicken, it's almost as well known as KFC and its... erm, chicken. You may be aware that Nando's offers a takeaway service, and now that service is available on your iPhone. It's quicker, easier, uses PayPal, and means you can order while on the go. [Free]

Fitbay: Don't let the name fool you, this app doesn't have anything to do with physical fitness. Instead it's a way of shopping for clothes in your exact size. Once the app has your measurements and a description of your body type, it connects you with a network of people who not only share a similar physique, but also a similar taste in clothes. [Free]

Pipes: An app to help you keep track of the things that you love, Pipes will keep you up-to-date with news and updates on your selected topics. Best of all there's Twitter integration, so you can keep up with what real people are saying right there. [Free]

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Android Apps

Digify: Sharing files isn't always easy, and you might not want to give someone permanent access to your shared DropBox folder. Digify make sharing files easy, but with a brilliant feature: rather than allowing someone permanent access, the sender has the ability to wipe the file from the other person's phone. It's a little bit like a manual version of Snapchat, but for files. [Free]

QCast: QCast is a way of creating and controlling shared playlists on a Chromecast stick. Anyone who can connect to the Chromecast in question can add a song to a shared queue, and anyone can downvote songs they don't want to hear. Songs can be removed by the host, the person who queued them, or if the majority of people downvote it. You will need a Google Play Music All Access Subscription to host though. [Free -- with subscription]

Heads Up! - notifications: The Android L preview might be available now, but unless you're a developer with a Nexus device you're missing out. Fortunately if you have a device that has Android 4.3 and above, you can download Heads Up! which is an unofficial version of the notification system featured in Google's latest offering. [£0.58]

Commandr for Google Now: Google Now is fantastic for hands-free searching, but it's not that good for hands-free everything else. Commandr is a way to fix that, by utilising Google Now it allows you to control more aspects of your phone. Say you're driving and you want read a text you've just been sent: Commandr will read it for you. It doesn't give you total control yet, but users get to vote on future voice commands in the many updates to come. [Free]

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Windows Phone Apps:

Uber: The useful, and ever controversial, app is finally available on Windows Phone. Uber is the alternative to booking yourself a taxi. All you have to do is search for a ride in the app, compare prices, and book. You should get picked up within minutes, and by storing your card details in-app you'll never need to worry about needing cash again. [Free]

Plex: A media server that syncs across all of your devices and organises your media for you. Whether it's video, photos, or music, you'll be able to access it on the server from anywhere with an internet connection. This was only £0.79, but apparently they've changed the price so that it's more than the Android or iOS version. Annoying yes, but if you're going to use the app £3.49 is a small price to pay. [£3.49]

AppZapp UK: Want to stay on top with the best apps available but don't want to trawl through the app store? I don't blame you; it's not a nice place to have to sift through on a regular basis. AppZapp UK will do that for you, and will show you the best apps that are currently available. Even better it offers certain new apps at a discount, and sometimes completely free. [Free]

Photoshop Express: This is Photoshop on your Windows Phone, what's to explain really? You won't have any of the complicated stuff you get on the full PC version, but you have the basics and that's more than enough for editing on the go. [Free]

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