Latest iPhone 6 Leak Shows Tapered Screen Edge and Rocking Mute Button

By Gerald Lynch on at

The most leaked iPhone of all time? Barring, or course, Giz's own run-in with the iPhone 4? There's been an insane amount of pictures and details spilling allegedly out of Apple's iPhone 6 production line ahead of the next-gen phone's launch, to the point where these latest snaps are insanely detailed super-close ups.

Coming from luxury phone modders Feld Volk, the snaps show internals, the display, SIM tray, a power switch and mute switch. The most interesting aspects of the shots are certainly the display and mute switches. The glass front panel seems to curve and taper, matching many previous leaks that suggest that the new iPhone will be rounder than its predecessors. Looking closely at the shots, there seems to be room for the rear plastic panelling to slip in seamlessly against the glass, rather than the screen's glass rolling over the edge.

The mute switch too looks significantly changed. Rather than being a slider, it looks to rest and pivot on two pins, suggesting it will rock between on and off positions, rather than slide and snap between the two. This is likely due to the expected curved edges of the new handset, which would make a slider mechanism more difficult to house. [Feld & Volk via MacRumors]